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Holotropic Breathwork, developed by Dr. Stan and Christina Grof, is a safe and effective way of accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness for the purposes of self-exploration, healing, personal empowerment and spiritual growth. This method is gentle yet extremely powerful. It combines ancient spiritual healing techniques with the wisdom of depth psychology and modern consciousness research. Non-ordinary states of consciousness are accessed through the use of accelerated breath, evocative music and focussed bodywork. Sessions are then integrated using artwork and sharing of one's process. For more information about Holotropic Breathwork tm, visit the Holotropic Breathwork homepage or contactAnne.


Our workshops are held once per month in a mixed (co-ed) group format. Groups take place on a Friday evening, all-day Saturday and Sunday morning. They involve discussion of the breathwork process, group introductions, two breathwork sessions as well as mutual sharing of the weekend experience and closure.

The breathwork format is as follows:

Breathers break into pairs, one member of the pair is the "breather" while the other becomes the "sitter". As a breather, each participant lies on a mat and listens to specially prepared evocative music for a period of approximately three hours. Using the breath combined with the music allows breathers to access non-ordinary states of consciosuness. If required, facilitators will offer body-work (specifically, somato-emotional release work) at the end of sessions as a way to help participants integrate the session.

Breathwork is done with a partner who becomes your sitter for the duration of the experience. The sitter's role is to be a "sacred witness" to your breathwork session, to be present for the breather and to take care of mundane details to allow the breather to surrender more deeply to their inner process. Partners then switch roles to allow both people to experience both sides of the Holotropic Breathwork
tm experience.

While none are currently scheduled, please contact Anne for detailed information about workshops.

What to bring: a mat, pillow, blanket, water bottle, a change of comfortable clothing, & a bag lunch.

Individual Holotropic Breathwork sessions:

The "first class" version ! Private breathwork sessions allow the breather five hours of one-on-one attention from a trained facilitator. Some people, especially first-time breathers prefer to experience the healing and transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness in a more intimate setting. The individual format can also be very helpful to those who are experiencing periods of major life transition or intense spiritual emergence issues. The five-hour time period allows you time to fully complete the breathwork session plus time to discuss and process current psychospiritual issues as well as post-session integration time. These sessions allow you a stress free alternative to workshop attendance, being that they are "all-inclusive".

For more information regarding private breathwork sessions or about Holotropic Breathwork
tm in general, email Anne or phone (604) 601.4965.

Private extended day Holotropic Breathwork retreats available.  Perfect for those who live at a distance or who are on a 'quick path' to evolution (and desire a focused, intense, short term transformational experience) contact Anne for more information.



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